Whilst it is easy to sit back and take some credit for the launch of Women’s in 2017, the real heroes in helping launch our stand-alone Women’s game are the players themselves. In particular, Laura Morcom and Shannon Weaver.

It was a cold, wet night in April 2017 and I still remember Laura coming up to me after a Mixed game and essentially shouting: “Mas, it is time…it is time for Women’s”. It was a comical episode and we laugh about it still – but it was the catalyst for something big!

Throughout the winter months of 2017 Laura and Shannon went about creating a Women’s competition. Yes I helped and so did Cam Tincknell in getting posts up and spreading the word. But the real grunt, effort, and sheersticktoitness (Terry Tate – anyone remember him?) from these girls was what got the job done. They called on other players, friends, work colleagues, and kept going until they got a result. That was a 6 team competition in Winter and we have not looked back.

As we head towards the QLD State Championships in April, it is amazing to think that in one year we have gone to just being Men’s and Mixed to now offering a Women’s game at an elite level. Both Laura and Shannon will be there donning their Kedron colours but they will be joined by nearly 200 other women that will be coming along not only to have fun but to compete at an elite level.

Well done Laura and Shannon and TRL is indebted to the both of you.

Mason Part