Get behind Ronald McDonald House by joining in on the TRL North Brisbane Charity Day on November 18


TRL has had an association with the Ronald McDonald House Charity since 2015 and have raised well over $10K in the process. We are hoping to build on this figure when North Brisbane hosts the RMH Charity Day on November 18.
When Organisations promote a particular charity, one often wonders why and if there is a personal connection. In the case of Ronald McDonald House, this is most certainly the case.

It was mid-November, 2014 and my sister-in-law Jenna had made her way to the Rockhampton Hospital to get a pregnancy scan to ensure everything was going alright. Whilst she had been told things looked “okay” she was sent to Brisbane for a precautionary scan – flights were booked both ways and she was expecting to return (from Brisbane to Rockhampton) that night.

Within 6 hours of leaving Rockhampton Hospital, she had given birth to two beautiful twin girls (Ruby and Lola) at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane – albeit at 29 weeks.

Ruby and Lola (in October 2017)

Despite having a family network here in Brisbane, Jenna and Lan (husband/father) could not leave the hospital precinct. There were a number of imminent operations that had to happen and the twins were also of course, simply too young to leave the NICU.

Compounding the above, they had no clothes with them and other basic items such as phone chargers, towels, toothbrushes, and other items we need every day but take for granted, they simply did not have. They had the clothes they were wearing up in Rockhampton and that was about it.

Pretty stressful right!? …and what are you supposed to do?

Ronald McDonald House (RMH) at South Brisbane came to the fore. For the next 12 weeks this would be the home for Jenna and Lan. It provided a place to sleep, a home away from home and an environment where Jenna and Lan could breathe.

RMH will not cure cancer; and they will not provide the next breakthrough in medical science. However, they keep family units intact and prevent terrible consequences (whether it be suicide, mental health issues generally, divorce or otherwise) from happening as a result of providing a roof over people’s heads and access to basic amenities in a time of desperate need.

The money we will be raising on November 18 will be going directly to the RMH at South Brisbane and specifically will go towards the upgrade of their facilities. There will be genuine improvements which we will all be able to see with our own eyes post this Event.

Please get involved and help raise money for the RMH by registering your team into the TRL North Brisbane Charity Cup. For more info you can visit:

Tom Longworth