For many of us, a social game every week might be the extent of our involvement and association with TRL. However, for Katie Roberts (of East Brisbane), TRL is life.

After starting TRL back in 2013 on a Thursday night at Mt Gravatt, she fell in love with the game. She had previously played a lot of Touch Football but was drawn to the kicking aspect of TRL as well as the fact that girl tries are worth two points in mixed. According to Katie, this makes Mixed TRL far more enjoyable and inclusive than Touch. “I love the fact we are involved from the get-go by the guys. Any team that ignores their girls simply won’t get very far because of the two point girl tries”.

Katie‘s love for the game is extensive. She not only is involved in Representative TRL for the East Brisbane Tigers (now a key part of the 2018 leadership group) but dons a TRL jersey (and a different one at that) 5 times a week. She plays every day from Sunday to Thursday. She has not surprisingly found this a great way to stay fit. “I never really liked the gym – too many egos and its hard to stay motivated. TRL is a good way to keep on top of your fitness”.

But like many players, she is drawn to the social side of TRL. “I have made many many lifelong friends through the game. It is not just playing, there are social functions – like the massive East Brissy Functions at the Oxford 152 every Season. We also get Grill’d Vouchers, Pizza Capers Vouchers you name it…for the entire team. This kind of gives us an excuse to hang out after the game which is pretty cool”.

Katie has no intention of hanging the boots up anytime soon and is looking forward to what the next few years will bring – especially in the Women’s space. “Seeing South Brisbane take out the Womens’ Aus Champs Final was a shot in the arm. They played so well and did the game so proud. Can’t wait to see things expand next year and East Brisbane are coming!”.

Katie is a legend on and off the field and she is part of a larger network of people that play many times a week across SEQ. Guys like Dave Browne, Terry Rodgers, Aaron Copnell, Joel Crowley, Sam Navybox and Darren Gehrke; and then on the female side of things Katie Roberts, Clare Kenny, Sherrie Douglas, Issy Scalia, Laura Morcom and Emma Kurki. All of these people (and there are many many more) would play at least 4 times a week. TRL salutes you and can’t wait to see what you achieve next!

Tom Longworth