TRL Individuals Ts & Cs

All Individual Registrations agree to the standard Terms and Conditions with the following additional stipulations:

Team Captain

  1. There is no team captain/organiser in the technical sense as referred to in the standard Terms and Conditions. This means each party is responsible for their own actions.


  1. Payments are taken via Direct Debit – provider, EziDebit. The amount and frequency of the Direct Debit is subject to change. Any proposed change in this arrangement will be communicated to the paying member via email and in advance of this change taking place.
  2. You can register at any time. When you register, you must commit to the remainder of the season in question in terms of payment. Seasons are 10 games long so depending on when you register, your minimum commitment will be between 1 and 10 games. Once that season has expired, you may cancel at any time. If you do decide to cancel, you must provide notice of your intention to cancel at least 5 calendar days before your next session. For example, if you are registered to participate on Wednesday nights at a specified venue, you must notify TRL Management by Monday (the previous week) at the latest in order for the next direct debit not to be charged. If notice is provided later than this, the cancellation will take place the following week. Notification must be made in writing to 
  3. Dishonour Fees: For any failed payment, there is a dishonour fee of $11.95. This fee is automatically added to your next payment.
  4. Missed Games (this applies to individuals who are not in a pre-existing team): If you miss a Game you may make this Games up at another TRL Location (within the Franchise Territory you are registered for) subject to you providing notice within 24hrs of your missed Game and there being capacity at another Location. Make-up Games can only be used within 5 calendar days of your missed Game. Please note, a medical certificate may be requested. [Please note if you are part of an existing team but paying individually, the ability for you have a make-up Game does not exist].


  • Communication is very important. If you wish to cancel you must make this request in writing to – do not notify the Venue Manager, referee or send messages via other mediums – text, social media or otherwise. It must be emailed and in writing.
  • Bad debt will be chased by debt collectors where necessary. TRL will add additional fees to cover for the time and any other costs associated with engaging the debt collector.
  • Please note if the player is under 18 years of age, a parent/guardian must register on the player’s behalf using the parent/guardian’s email address and parent/guardian’s phone number must email to confirm that the registration pertains to a person under 18 years of age.