TRL Referee Contractor Agreement

Nature of Activity

You are contracting to the Designated Franchise’s Business Entity (DFBE) and TRL Australia*, the supply of referee’ing/officiating games of Touch Rugby League.

Referees will be contracted to officiate games in 2 week cycles. In effect, the referee will be contracted for a 2 week period and the decision as to whether to renew that contract for a further 2 week period is entirely at the discretion of TRL Australia and the DFBE.

No ABN has been quoted by this referee as per their statutory declaration stating that referee’ing (the supply) is made in the course or furtherance of an activity done as a private recreational pursuit or hobby.

With regards to payments, generally speaking no tax will be withheld by TRL Australia and the DFBE as these are simply contractor payments.

However, in circumstances where a referee is consistently refereeing a significant number of games per week during a season, independent and contrary to any declaration of the referee, TRL Australia and the DFBE may deem the refereeing to be employment in which case, the status of the referee will revert from contractor to employee. The referee will then be paid at an hourly rate as agreed between both parties. [This is in-line with the Australian Taxation Office’s “substance over form” approach when assessing whether a worker is to be deemed a contractor or employee].

Duties of the Referee

  • It is expected that all referees become members of the Touch Rugby League Referees Association Inc (“The Association”).
  • It is expected that the referee complete all necessary training as proscribed by The Association and the Referee Manual.
  • The referee arrive at least 20 minutes prior to their scheduled first game and arrive with all necessary equipment required in carrying out the role of a Touch Rugby League Referee.
  • Referees are expected to officiate games according to the rules and regulations of Touch Rugby League. In addition, referees are expected to deal with any incidents – whether they be related to physical violence, injuries or anything else – in a manner as per the rules and regulations of being a Touch Rugby League referee (as outlined in the Referee Manual).

The referee must also ensure:

  • Games start and finish on-time;
  • The correct score is kept during the game and that this score is notated upon the conclusion of the game;
  • That any incidents are reported to the Venue Manager upon the conclusion of a game or during the game if required (e.g. injuries).

Other Considerations

Any training provided by TRL Australia and the DFBE (or The Association) to enhance the skills and credentials of the Touch Rugby League referee will not be paid for. This includes initial training and the practical support provided on the first night.

The referee must provide their own equipment – whistle, suitable shoes, shorts and a drink bottle. Referee’ing Shirts will be loaned by TRL Australia and the DFBE if the referee does not have adequate attire. Referees will only be paid for games completed.

*Where Applicable.  Such as TRL Australia Events including but not limited to the Queensland and New South Wales State Championships, The World Cup and Australian Championships.