Darren Lockyer Joins TRL

We are excited to announce that Darren Lockyer has become an Ambassador for Touch Rugby League (TRL). Lockyer needs no introduction being one of the greatest sports people our Country has ever produced. With 59 Tests, 36 State of Origin appearances, and 355 Club games for the Broncos, truly remarkable achievements.

Lockyer has watched our great game grow from humble beginnings at UQ in 2005, to now being one of Australia’s largest social sports and is excited about the next chapter for TRL:

“There is no doubt about it, TRL has grown at an exponential rate and just about every young adult in Brisbane has tried it. I am excited to be a part of the next phase for the game.”

To play TRL does not simply mean you are playing a sport. TRL is a community, and a place where people go to have fun, meet people as well as getting fit. It is this aspect, as well as the rules of the game, that has impressed Lockyer:

“TRL is just like Rugby League but without the tackles. It is safe, fun and inclusive and anyone can play it – no matter your age, gender or fitness levels.”

Despite TRL’s growth and success, the game is looking ahead at additional growth across the country. Tom Longworth, Founder and Chairman of TRL Australia had the following to say:

“There is no doubt we’ve had a great run but there is still so much potential for TRL and Locky can provide that X-factor to continue to get our name out there. We are truly humbled to have such a legend as part of our Team.”