Why Become a Franchisee?

There are many reasons to become a TRL Franchisee. Below is a brief summation of some of the advantages.

1. Join and leverage off a trusted and reputable Brand and Organisation

TRL is an Australian phenomenon. We are growing rapidly with TRL being played from Townsville down to Melbourne. In total we have 18 Franchise sites. 

2. Access to comprehensive training and support – the TRL Blueprint

TRL is operated and administered by the TRL Australia Franchise Network. Each Franchise Unit is run as a business and must comply with all Manuals, Systems and Processes (collectively called the TRL Blueprint) outlined by TRL Australia. It is the TRL Blueprint – characterised by professionalism, organisation, and supreme customer service – that has enabled TRL to capture significant market share in a short space of time.

As a Franchisee, you will have access to both the TRL Blueprint and ongoing weekly support from TRL Australia Head Office. You will receive comprehensive upfront training on how to run TRL effectively. This training addresses: competition management and administration; venue management; marketing; refereeing and the rules of the game; editing your customized website; and, using the competition administration software. We also work collaboratively with the Franchisee to create a business and marketing plan for the Franchise.

3. Low cost of entry for a high value business

For a modest upfront fee, you will receive a comprehensive 2 day training course, customized website, stockpack (of all items required to run a competition), as well as access to the TRL Blueprint which is outlined in our 5 Manuals.

4. Great business model

TRL is a great business model for a number of reasons:

  1. Low overheads;
  2. Most operating costs are directly related to the number of registered teams – i.e. most costs are variable in nature;
  3. The net cash returns are almost directly related to the number of teams registered; and
  4. Results are directly related to effort!

5. Help change the future of social sport

For too long, Australia has settled for mediocrity when it comes to customer experience at social sporting events and competitions. Through the TRL Blueprint, we are providing players with the best experience in the market with superior competition administration, organisation, referees and ultimately, the game itself.

6. Other benefits of purchasing a TRL Franchise as opposed to going it alone

  • Lower Failure Rate: A significant risk with owning and operating any business, especially at the beginning, is the chance of failure. We have a proven business model and track record for success and all current Franchise Units are financially viable.
  • Buying Power: TRL Australia has access to cheaper pricing for supplies (apparel, gear, materials etc) as a result of buying these goods in bulk. These savings are passed onto all of our Franchisees.
  • Representative and Competitive Pathways: TRL Australia has created elite competitions such as the QLD State Championships, NSW State Championships, State of Origin, the World Cup, and our prestigious Australian Championships. These pathways provide TRL with national exposure and credibility and attract elite sportsmen and sportswomen to the game.


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