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TRL (Touch Rugby League) is non-contact Rugby League. Not only does TRL incorporate kicking, but proper rugby league play-the-balls. As a result, TRL eliminates the annoying touch tactics around quick ‘dump and runs’ and also provides a smoother and quicker game than the TAG codes.

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TRL is now played from Townsville right down the Eastern seaboard to Melbourne. We are the fastest growing social sport in the Country!

Our strength is in our people and the service we provide our players whether that be our Senior Adult competitions, Event-scene, or Junior Competitions.

Why Play TRL?

  1. Just like Rugby League but without the tackles. (Kicking, kick-offs and proper play-the-balls).
  2. Professionally organised and run.
  3. Social and inclusive.
  4. Affordable.
  5. Community-minded.

There is now a new TRL-branded offering TRL FIT. If you are looking to get fit, toned and build strength, look no further.

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