TRL Terms & Conditions

The following outlines the Terms and Conditions associated with playing TRL: Touch Rugby League in the locations managed by the website you are viewing (not any other TRL Location). Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you are a parent/guardian registering on behalf of a player under 18, you are accepting these Terms and Conditions on their behalf. References to “TRL” refer to the Franchise Area within which you are registered. These Terms and Conditions are uniform across all Franchises.

A: Code of Conduct

All registered players are bound by this code of conduct. A player, whether on or off the field, must refrain from:

  1. Attending a TRL competition if they are unwell or showing symptoms found with COVID-19;
  2. Continual breaches of the rules;
  3. Swearing, foul, abusive or derogatory language which includes comments or actions;
  4. Verbal abuse including language, comments or words that threatens or denigrates a player, referee or spectator on the basis of his/her religion, sexual orientation, disability, race, colour, national or ethnic origin;
  5. Talking back to or arguing with a referee;
  6. Dissent or disapproval towards a referee following a decision by the referee;
  7. Intentional physical contact not permitted by the rules or striking a player, referee, spectator or TRL representative;
  8. Attacking the head of an opponent or tripping an opponent;
  9. Entering the field under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  10. Excessively hard touches or overly aggressive game play;
  11. Any action deemed, in the ultimate discretion of the referee or competition manager, to bring the game into disrepute or any other action which is not in the spirit of the game;
  12. Wearing unsuitable footwear. This includes metal studs, or screw-ins and ensuring only footwear with moulded studs and which are less than 10mm in length, are worn.

Should a player (or team) breach the Code of Conduct above, TRL may take whatever action necessary including but not limited to: suspension of individuals and teams; individual bans or team bans; escalating the matter to Police or appropriate law enforcement bodies.

If more than one player from the same team is involved in an a breach of the Code of Conduct above, TRL reserves the right to remove the entire team. [Should a team be banned or removed from the competition on account of a breach of the Code of Conduct, all monies paid will be forfeited unless TRL agrees to refund a portion of the season’s fee].

PLEASE NOTE, TRL has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to acts of violence. TRL takes such incidents extremely seriously. Any player or spectator involved in any violent act will be banned from TRL. The ban will in most cases, be for life and only if there are extenuating circumstances, will that player/spectator be allowed to return. TRL will also escalate such incidents to the police where required.


B: Role of the Team Captain/Organiser
  1. Team captains are responsible for their players and associated spectators’ conduct both on and off the field.
  2. Captains must ensure any player that is unwell (or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms) does not attend a TRL Competition.
  3. Captains must ensure all players each night are both registered and indicate their attendance through appropriate Competition software. This includes completing an attendance register prior to every game which must be shown to appropriate TRL officials as an official record of participant attendance.
  4. The team captain must make sure all participating players register online (see C: Insurance). Single game registration forms are available at the Fields but “Regulars” must register online to qualify for finals.
  5. Payment: As soon as a team plays one full game of the Season, the team captain is liable for the full amount required to play a full season.
  6. Payment: If a team has registered but then pulls out before the start of the season, TRL reserves the right to retain $100 of this payment to cover any transaction fees incurred at the time of payment (made to payment provider) and to cover any administration time in processing the registration.
  7. The team captain is ultimately responsible for the collection of all money which must be paid in full by the required date.
  8. If your nominated competition is using Payment Software to collect payments (i.e. Ezidebit or Payrix), as Captain you will be bound by the Terms of Agreement with Ezidebit or Payrix (depending on the software used).
  9. When making payment using “Shared Payments” option, as the captain/organiser you will essentially be going “guarantor” on the entire team fee. This means if any teammates fail to pay their share by the required date, your card will be charged on the due date for any monies owing by the team (as a whole).
  10. A failure to pay by the required date results in both a forfeiture of the deposit and possible removal of that team, from the competition. TRL also reserves the right to retrieve the balance amount using a Debt Collector Agency (a process which invokes a fee of 25% of the debt which is paid to the Debt Collector Agency).
  11. If the team qualifies for a specific discount a failure to pay by the due date will waive that discount and the Standard Rate (i.e. most expensive price point) will apply.
  12. Payment means the funds have cleared and have reached the TRL bank account (so paying on the due date will not automatically comply with this requirement).
  13. The captain must assist TRL representatives in identifying players that have breached the Code of Conduct.
  14. To play finals, a player must be registered on or before week 8 fixtures begin. Any player that registers after week 8 cannot play in weeks 9 and 10.
  15. Age Restrictions: Players under the age of 16 cannot play Senior TRL due to safety concerns. Players under the age of 18 must be registered by the parent/guardian through the registration platform using the parent/guardian’s email account and phone number. The player must also be accompanied by an adult at all times at TRL. To avoid doubt, all parents/guardians of all players (regular, captain or otherwise) should email the competition manager (for the relevant region) confirming which players are under 18 within the team. Finally, all parents/guardians should complete a Parental Consent form. It is the responsibility of the captain (or parent/guardian if under 18) to ensure appropriate steps are taken to gain relevant parent/guardian approval for each player under the age of 18. It is also the captain’s responsibility to ensure every player under the age of 18 is accompanied by their parent/guardian at games, and to ensure no player is under the age of 16. If the captain is themselves under 18, the team registration (and management of the team itself) must be co-ordinated by that player’s parent/guardian using that parent/guardian’s email account and phone number. Players under the age of 16 may be able to play Junior TRL – please contact your Franchise area.
C: Insurance
  1. To be insured, a player must be registered. Player registration can be completed online and appropriate instructions are provided to team captains and players (via email, text message and via the individual fixture pages) on how to complete this process, upon team registration. It is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure all players are registered. TRL accepts no responsibility in ensuring that all participating players, register. This responsibility lies with the team captain.
  2. Should a player not have access to the internet, they can sign up offline at their relevant venue. However, they must first seek permission from TRL prior to doing this.
  3. All players are encouraged to seek medical advice before playing to ensure they are fit and capable of playing TRL.
  4. All registered players agree to be covered by their region’s TRL’s Insurance Policy (there are specific policies for specific regions in some instances).
  5. For a player to make an insurance claim, they must report the incident to BOTH the referee and competition manager on the night of the injury. A failure to do so voids a player’s right to claim through the TRL Insurance Policy.
D: Disclaimer & Acknowledgements
  1. In consideration of TRL allowing me, once I am a registered player, to participate in the TRL competition and events run by TRL, I agree to release TRL from all liability for any claim or demand or damage or personal injury or illness sustained by me (a) arising from or in respect of my participation in any game or other activity (TRL related or otherwise) arranged by or on behalf of TRL, whether or not the injury is caused by TRL or any other person; and (b) whether or not the damage, personal injury or illness arises from the negligence or breach of any statutory duty of TRL or any other individual.
  2. I acknowledge that: (a) in the conduct of the TRL competition or other activity, some physical contact will occur between myself and other individuals involved in the competition; and (b) I consent to that contact being made; and (c) I will not hold TRL or any other TRL Representative responsible for any injury or illness I may suffer in respect of that contact.
  3. I acknowledge that there is an increased risk of COVID-19 transmission due to the nature of TRL and I will not hold TRL or any other TRL Representative responsible if I contract the virus.
  4. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to ensure that I follow COVID-SAFE procedures and processes as outlined by TRL and Government authorities. I acknowledge that a failure to do so both puts myself and others at risk of contracting COVID-19.
  5. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to refrain from participating in TRL if I feel sick or have any symptoms which are associated with COVID-19. I further to acknowledge that to participate in such circumstances would be a fragrant breach of this responsibility and would be entirely my doing.
  6. I acknowledge that TRL rent/hire their fields from other Organisations which from time to time will cancel games whether this be on account of weather, an act of God, a pandemic or otherwise. I accept that in such instances, the Season finish date may be pushed back in order to make up these games; or TRL may decide to run “double headers” whereby teams may play up to two games per night; or the games lost due to this cancellation may need to be played on another day/night (and potentially at another location). I also accept that TRL may need to change the specific field/location/venue of the Competition I have registered for if the fields are no longer suitable or become unavailable. In such instances, TRL will use best endeavours to ensure the new venue location is within 15km of the original playing venue. I also acknowledge that in the Event of a pandemic, act of God, National lockdown, terrorist insurgency or otherwise, that TRL may be forced to postpone a Competition indefinitely.
  7. If another team forfeits against your team, TRL will do its utmost to find a replacement opposition but cannot guarantee this. Given the majority of all costs associated with each game are not affected by a forfeit, TRL cannot provide any refunds for forfeits.
  8. I acknowledge TRL will often engage with third party providers such as sports trainers or physiotherapists to bolster care provided at venues. TRL takes no responsibility for treatment of any individual by these third party providers. The third party providers are not employees of TRL and are operating in an independent capacity.
  9. I acknowledge that in order to co-ordinate the TRL competition effectively, my contact details will be used to communicate competition updates via email (including newsletter service) and phone.
  10. I acknowledge that if I provide my details in the course of enquiring about TRL, that TRL will use these details to provide updates on future seasons and offerings until such time that I opt out of receiving these updates. [Any information is stored and used in line with our Privacy Policy].
  11. I acknowledge that I must adhere to TRL’s Child and Youth Risk Management Policy and more generally, TRL’s Child Safety Policy
  12. I acknowledge that in the course of a season, photos and videos will be taken of teams and games being played. I consent to these photos being uploaded to social media sites such as Facebook, the TRL website and for these photos to be used in marketing and advertising campaigns.
  13. I acknowledge that the Terms and Conditions may change at any point in time and that it is my responsibility to stay abreast of any such changes by regularly checking this web-page and ensuring I am reading carefully all correspondence from TRL.