TRL Australia in partnership with official partners – Brisbane Marketing, Stockade Brew_Co and EMU Sportswear – are proud to announce the 16-person Australian squads, for the 2020 TRL World Cup. This event will be played from Friday, July 31 to Sunday, August 2 in Brisbane, Australia.

The selection committee of Ben Maddick, Courtney Eastwell, Lauren Shingles in collaboration with Edward Wilson, have deliberated and with great difficulty, narrowed down a large playing field to the 64 players selected below:

Jayden Pianeda (MB)
Reece Janson (B)
Justin Otto (SC)
Sean Hooper (MB)
Mitch Moore (WM)
Nathan Carney (SC)
David Fraser (SB)
Ben Keal (SC)
Daniel Ogden (WM)
Ben Maddick (SC)
Josh Bidgood (SC)
Brenton Mirallez (GC)
Roderick Robertson (WB)
Daniel Stainer (WB)
Patrick Penny (GC)
Riley Todd (GC)
MEN’S 30s
Francis Otto (EB)
Jeremy Chung (SB)
Chee Tao (GC)
Shane Thrupp (TV)
Dan Moloney (EB)
Christian Kereszteny (EB)
Mitch Regler (WY)
Mason Part (NB)
David Buchanan (CQ)
Richard Johnson (NB)
Drew Farquhar (NB)
Graham Brown (TV)
Jeffrey Charles (WM)
Michael Johnson (WM)
Matt Myers (WM)
Brad Reynolds (NEW)
Jazzy Zischke (WM)
David Browne (EB)
Jayden Vea Vea (CQ)
Jayden Cummins (EB)
Joel Downey (EB)
Chad Ross (SC)
Riley Todd (GC)
Chelsea Cummins (EB)
Izzy Scalia (NB)
Stevie O’Shea (WM)
Nikki Cox (I)
Tori Collinson (MB)
Casey Schweitzer (WM)
Matty Goodenough (SC)
Harry Wilson (NB)
Mitch Lovelock (GC)
Kayla Mi Mi (EB)
Keesha Kapea (C)
Kahu Kapea (C)
Kristin Gibbs (NB)
Rebecca Simson (NB)
Emma Kurki (EB)
Amanda Issa (EB)
Jemma Collins (M)
Jenna Rowsell (SB)
Amy Milburn (SB)
Hayley Kedding (EB)
Kayla Geddes (EB)
Rae Barker (EB)
Chelsea Dartnell (SC)
Laura Humphries (M)
Emily Young (SC)


All selected players should be proud of their respective selections to compete at the highest level in our sport. All selected players will be contacted personally to be notified officially of their selection and what the next steps are in preparation for this event.


The final 13 to play for each discipline (i.e. Men’s, Men’s 30s, Mixed & Women’s) will be announced via a TRL Media release in the lead up to the 2020 TRL World Cup in July, to coincide with the announcement of all other participating nations and their competing teams.


All players who wish to compete at the 2020 TRL World Cup but were unsuccessful in their selection for Australia, are able to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to represent their ancestral heritage. EOIs therefore are STILL OPEN and close tomorrow night, Friday March 13 at 11:59 pm. An EOI can be completed via the link below:


2020 TRL World Cup Expression of Interest


We thank Ben, Courtney and Lauren for their dedication and commitment to this selection process. We have no doubt collectively that the selected teams will represent both Australia and TRL with pride.


Edward Wilson

General Manager

TRL Australia