November 14, 2019


Moreton Bay on the northern outskirts of Brisbane is home to one of Australia’s fastest growing populations and for TRL – it is more than just a game in this footy loving community!

Ben & Shelby Maddick are the proud owners of TRL Moreton Bay, taking over in April this year. With multiple years under their belts growing the beach side region of the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay serves as a new challenge for them both. But for the Maddicks, it is more than seizing an opportunity. “We looked into running Moreton Bay before we had the opportunity to take over the Sunshine Coast so it is good to finally get the chance to grow the game in my home town. I grew up playing Rugby League in the region and have a lot of friends in the area”.

TRL Moreton Bay recently celebrated the end of the Spring 2019 season

Reflecting recently on what drives the pair to grow and succeed, “culture” is a word that stands out. The Sunshine Coast thrives on an inclusive community built around the Maddicks’ love for the game and for 2020 and beyond, they plan to do the same in their new backyard. “TRL Moreton Bay will be thriving at Petrie (main competition location) and at a couple of new venues as well”.

TRL Ambassador & Rugby League legend Darren Lockyer recently graced the fields of Mathieson Park in Petrie, for a Come and Try event to showcase TRL to the local community. For those in attendance, Darren was more than a special guest. Australian, Queensland and Brisbane Broncos jerseys, books, special memorabilia – any tangible item with Lockyer’s face or name on it – was present for signing with a large presence of non-TRL players, meeting their Rugby League idol whilst experiencing the sport for the very first time.

Darren Lockyer (TRL Ambassador & Rugby League legend) in action at the Moreton Bay Come and TRY TRL event in June

The fanfare and admiration were signatory to who Darren Lockyer is and was a humbling springboard for Moreton Bay in the second half of 2019. This event further showcased what sport and Rugby League in particular, means to the local community.

“The players were thrilled to get the chance to play alongside and against (Darren Lockyer) and we definitely attribute this evening to the growth we’ve seen in our region over the last two seasons”, Ben shared whilst reflecting on 2019.

Moreton Bay Ballers Mixed Cup team at the recent 2019 TRL Australian Championships

Petrie Mondays & Petrie Wednesdays serve as the foundations to the future of TRL in Moreton Bay. With 2020 on track to be a year of substantial growth in both the social and representative scenes, now is the perfect time to be a part of the Summer 2019 season and experience Australia’s fastest growing social sport.

We congratulate Ben & Shelby for the diligent and enthusiastic manner in which drives the success in both their regions and wish them all the best moving forward into 2020.

For more information, please visit www.trl.com.au/moretonbay


Edward Wilson

General Manager – Franchises & Events

TRL Australia