Payment System Explained

The new system provides greater flexibility for team captains who can choose to either pay in full upfront (biggest saving) or via an instalment option for payment. The instalment option is automated and importantly provides a greater window (4 weeks versus previous 8 days) to pay the team fees.

There are three concepts you must be across:


A loyal team is defined as a team that has played 6 seasons of TRL. If you are a loyal team you will be entitled to a discount of $50 over and above the price point available to the general public. To claim this discount, you will need a code which will be sent to your captain. If you feel like you are entitled to a code and have not received one, please email

Super Early Bird v Early Bird v Standard Rate

“When” you register will dictate the price you pay. This will be automated through our system. The earlier you register, the cheaper it is.

Furthermore, even if you do not pay the full amount upfront and choose the instalment option (which will include a 6% fee + $6.50 Account Set Up Fee), it will still be cheaper to register in time to claim the Super Early Bird rate than wait to pay in full at the Early Bird rate. It follows, that it is also cheaper to register in time to claim the Early Bird rate (but via instalment option) than wait to pay in full at the Standard rate.

Paying Upfront vs Paying Instalments

The cheapest option will be paying in full upfront. You can do this via credit card.

If you choose the instalment option, 6% will be added to the total fee but will be paid off in three instalments via a direct debit functionality – set up through Global Payment Provider, Ezidebit.

The three instalments are structured as follows:

  1. First Payment: This is always $106.5 ($100 deposit plus $6.50 Account Set Up Fee) and will be direct debited the next business day from your nominated bank account/credit card account.
  2. Second Payment: This is half of the balance [(Total Fee – $100)/2]. This will be direct debited 2 weeks after the registration date.
  3. Third Payment: This is equal to the second payment and will be direct debited 2 weeks after the second payment.

The instalment option provides a 4 week window to gather all funds from your players and requires only a $106.5 deposit upfront. (The premium paid for this additional time period is 6%).

Example: Jim registers before Super Early Bird ($810) cut-off and chooses the Instalment option. What does he pay and how does payment get processed?

Answer: Total fee is $858.6 ($810 x 1.06). The first payment is $106.5 and this comes out the next business day after Jim’s registration. The second payment is $379.3 [($858.6-$100)/2] and this comes out 2 weeks after Jim’s registration. The third payment is also $379.3 and comes out 2 weeks after Jim’s second payment (or approximately 4 weeks from registration).