The 350 Kickback

We appreciate your loyalty and feel you need to be rewarded for it.

As such we are introducing the “350 Kickback” incentive.

Refer a brand new team, and get $350. How good!


Terms & Conditions

  • This current offer relates to the TRL Winter Season and relates to any eligible entry that occurs on or before July 25, 2022.
  • If an existing team (or teams) decide to put in another team (new entity that previously has not played) they will be entitled to the kickback.
  • The new team cannot replace a team that already exists. (i.e. You could not move your Monday team to Wednesday and call it a different name).
  • Only one person is entitled to the referral fee and this person will be the first person that contacts TRL to advise of the referral via 0488 824 163 (text) or
  • The person claiming the referral must still play in another pre-existing team, in the Winter Season.
  • This offer applies to the North Brisbane, South Brisbane, East Brisbane, West Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and Gold Coast Regions.
  • You must inform us of the referral upon registration – (0488 824 163 or
  • The referred team must be a genuinely “new” team and TRL will have ultimate discretion in deciding on the validity of whether the side is new.

Any further questions about the referral offer please be in contact.

Cheers TRL Team,
0488 824 163