TRL teams up with Your Property Journey

Jayden Cummins has become a household name in the TRL Representative community in the last 18 months on account of some impressive performances on TRL’s biggest stage. However, it is what Jayden (and his partner Chloe Madelely) are achieving off the field which is even more remarkable.
They have multiple businesses and have amassed a sizable property portfolio – all before the age of 25 having achieved already what few can achieve in a lifetime. Their newest venture – Your Property Journey (YPJ) – provides a one stop shop property solution for sellers and buyers. Of particular note, is their consultancy arm which aims to provide buyers with tailored advice in helping them achieve their desired property outcome. Whether you are new to the property game, or an experienced player,  YPJ can add tremendous insight and market knowledge in helping you secure a property.
I caught up with the two of them during lockdown to find out more about YPJ, and what has inspired them to set up this Business.
Why did you set up Your Property Journey?
The reason why we set up YPJ was to help educate others on the potential of investing in property. Owning your own home is one thing, but to be able to leverage property and create a lifestyle and strong retirement base is the true goal of property investing. The craziest thing is that anyone can do it, and that is the real drive for us. Chloe and I started off with our very first deposit and from there it grew from one, to two, to three properties and hopefully only onward and upward from here. It is all about educating new and existing property buyers on what is a quality asset, what location drivers are in the area and how you can keep moving forward. If people are engaging us they will have a well researched view on the next property they purchase and are less likely to make costly mistakes.
What makes YPJ so special?
YPJ provides a seamless process when buying an investment property. We have a team of industry professionals including brokers, solicitors, builders and property managers to make us your one stop shop. We pride ourselves on tailoring our service to each individual’s personal and financial goals. No one situation is the same. We have a deep passion to ensure we are getting the very best result for our clients, we are happy to get in the trenches, connect with agents, find off market deals and negotiate the very best price.
What is your background with TRL (when did you start playing, who have you represented etc)?
We started playing TRL at East Brisbane in 2019 from having a touch football background. We have gone on to represent East Brisbane in State and National competitions and represent Queensland (Jayden), Australia (Jayden) and the UK (Chloe). The way TRL brings the sporting community together at these events is something we really enjoy being a part of.
How does someone get involved with YPJ or find out more?
Whilst we like to specialise in helping people build property portfolios, we also help property manage and sell property. We hope we can be the property solution for the entire TRL community. To get in touch, you can find us on socials @yourpropertyjourneyau or contact us directly (e: m: 0421 519 405). Our website is also Your Property Journey – Real Estate, Property
In addition, if you drop that ‘you are from TRL’, we have some great discounted rates especially for you.
Tom Longworth
Managing Director, TRL Australia