Soho Gardens Thursdays @ Fairfield (bright new lights)

Key Information
  • Venue Location:  J F O’Grady Memorial Park, Brougham Street Fairfield (bright new lights installed!)
  • Key Contact: Anna 0449 914 307 – – any requests must be made in writing by email.
  • Start Date: 10 September 2020

    As per Federal & State Government Return to Sport regulations, all sporting competitions have to keep an Attendance Register for contact tracing purposes.
    Please log into using your email address and password, to check all current players are registered.
  • Player Registrations to be updated WEEKLY: In order to play TRL you must be registered on spawtz. To register, you must follow the process as outlined in the email that went to your Captain. 
  • Prizes: prizes for all division winners + wildcard winner
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