Soho Gardens Thursdays @ Fairfield (bright new lights)

Key Information
  • Venue Location:  J F O’Grady Memorial Park, Brougham Street Fairfield (bright new lights installed!)
  • Key Contact: Anna 0449 914 307 – – any requests must be made in writing by email.
  • Start Date: 16 July 2020

    As per Federal & State Government Return to Sport regulations, all sporting competitions have to keep an Attendance Register for contact tracing purposes.
    Please log into *insert spawtz website link* using your email address and password, to check all current players are registered.
  • Player Registrations to be updated WEEKLY: In order to play TRL you must be registered on spawtz. To register, you must follow the process as outlined in the email that went to your Captain. 
  • Prizes: prizes for all division winners + wildcard winner
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