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Affordable, Fun & Social!

Pricing works out to be as little as $8/week/person for loyal teams!



Season 4, Summer 2023  Registrations – Now Open!

Sunset Sundays @ Sunnybank | Mixed Team Women’s Team | (Commencing November 26)

Massive Wednesdays @ Graceville Men’s Team | Mixed Team | (Commencing November 15)

Mondays @ Graceville Men’s Team | Mixed Team | (Commencing December 4)

Mondays @ Sunnybank Mixed Team | (Commencing December 4)

Thursdays @ Fairfield | Mixed Team | (Commencing December 7)

New Payment System & Shared Payments Explained


Individual Registrations

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If you have a full team and you want to register, please scroll up and click on  “Team Registrations”.

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