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Autumn Season Registrations NOW OPEN! 


To Register for Autumn (either as an individual or for a full team) simply:
  1. For your preferred competition night, select either “Individual” or “Team” Registration.
  2. If selecting “Individual”, select the team (which will correlate to a particular timeslot each week) which you want to join.
  3. If you are registering a team, select your preference (Men’s/Mixed/Women’s) on the following page and then follow the prompts to register and pay for your team. [The Payment System/Process for team registrations is explained here: Payment System Explained]
Massive Mondays @ Kedron Individual | Team (Commencing March 9th) 
Monday @ Bardon | Team (Commencing February 17th) 
Tuesdays @ Kedron Individual | Team (Commencing February 25th)
Wednesdays @ Kedron | Team (Commencing February 26th)
Wednesday @ Bardon Individual | Team (Commencing February 19th)
Thursdays @ Kedron Individual | Team (Commencing March 5th)
  • $11.90/week via direct debit
  • Standard – register from 12:00am on February 15th ($960 + 5% if instalment option chosen)