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TRL North Brisbane Contact | Email: | Mobile (Text Only): 0488 824 163

Wet Weather

This Thursday’s Games at Gibson Park are CANCELLED – 23/12/2021


Team Registrations


AUTUMN Season Registrations NOW OPEN! 

If you are interested in registering for the (current) Summer Season, please contact us to get involved at a discounted rate – 0488 824 163.

Massive Mondays @ Kedron  | Men’s Team | Mixed Team | (Commencing late February) 
Mondays @ Bardon | Men’s Team | Mixed Team | (Commencing early February) 
Tuesdays @ Kedron | Men’s Team | Mixed Team | Women’s Team | (Commencing early March)
Wednesdays @ Kedron | Men’s Team | Mixed Team | (Commencing mid March)
Wednesdays @ Bardon | Men’s Team | Mixed Team | (Commencing early March) 
Thursdays @ Kedron | Men’s Team | Mixed Team | (Commencing late March) 
  • A team is considered “loyal” and eligible for the $50 discount once they have completed 8+ Seasons of TRL. 
  • If the installment option is chosen, an additional 6% fee is added to the total price point. (Plus a $6.50 Account Set Up Fee).
  • The Payment System/Process for team registrations is explained here: Payment System Explained

Individual Registrations


Individual TRL Player Registrations OPEN! 

To Register as an Individual TRL Player, please select your preferred evening and kick off time below. 



Why Play TRL? 
  • $12.90/week. 
  • We put you in a team.
  • Exact same time every week when the registrant is joining on their own or with a small group to a team organised by TRL, (as opposed to paying individually as part of a pre-existing team). 


For further information on Individual TRL registrations please, Click Here. Alternatively, contact us on 0488 824 163. 

If you have a full team and you want to register, please scroll up and click on  “Team Registrations”.