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TRL North Brisbane Contact | Email: | Mobile (Text Only): 0488 824 163

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Team Registrations


WINTER Season Registrations STILL OPEN: 


Wednesdays @ Kedron/Stafford Men’s Team | Mixed Team | (Competition commencing August 10th). 
Thursdays @ Kedron | Men’s Team | Mixed Team | (Competition commenced, discounts available for late entrance). 

SPRING Season Registrations NOW OPEN:


Massive Mondays @ Kedron/Stafford  | Men’s Team | Mixed Team | (Competition commencing August 22nd). 
Mondays @ BardonMen’s Team | Mixed Team | (Competition commencing August 29th)
Tuesdays @ Kedron | Men’s Team | Mixed Team | Women’s Team | (Competition commencing August 30th)
Wednesdays @ Kedron/Stafford Men’s Team | Mixed Team | (Competition commencing TBA). 
Wednesdays @ Bardon | Men’s Team | Mixed Team | (Competition commencing September 14th). 
Thursdays @ Kedron | Men’s Team | Mixed Team | (Competition commencing September 15th). 
  • A team is considered “loyal” and eligible for the $50 discount once they have completed 8+ Seasons of TRL. 
  • If the installment option is chosen, an additional 6% fee is added to the total price point. (Plus a $6.50 Account Set Up Fee).
  • The Payment System/Process for team registrations is explained here: Payment System Explained

Individual Registrations


Individual TRL Player Registrations OPEN! 

To Register as an Individual TRL Player, please select your preferred evening and kick off time below.

Please note if the player is under 18 years of age, a parent/guardian must register on the player’s behalf using the parent/guardian’s email address and parent/guardian’s phone number must email with a completed parental consent form to confirm that the registration pertains to a person under 18 years of age.



Why Play TRL? 
  • $12.90/week. 
  • We put you in a team.
  • Exact same time every week when the registrant is joining on their own or with a small group to a team organised by TRL, (as opposed to paying individually as part of a pre-existing team). 


For further information on Individual TRL registrations please, Click Here. Alternatively, contact us on 0488 824 163. 

If you have a full team and you want to register, please scroll up and click on  “Team Registrations”.