Top players from across the country are invited to compete in elite TRL competitions held every year.

2020 Information

Queensland State Championships (Hosted by Logan City Council)

Click HERE for the Championships website.

  • Where: Beenleigh Multisports
  • When: Friday 31st July – Sunday 2nd August
  • Divisions: Men’s 30s, Men’s QPL, Men’s Cup, Mixed QPL, Mixed Cup, Women’s QPL & Women’s Cup.
  • More Information – please contact Edward Wilson (ewilson@trl.com.au)




The festival of TRL will take place in Brisbane, in November 2020. This event will run over a five-day period (November 18-22), showcasing the following three events:

  1. State of Origin – Wednesday 18th November
  2. World Cup – Thursday 19th (night games only) & Friday 20th November (day and night games)
  3. Australian Championships – Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd November 

For more information, please visit the 2020 Festival of TRL website below:

2020 Festival of TRL




Australian Championships (October 4-6)

World Cup (July 5-7)

State of Origin (July 4)

Queensland State Championships (March 29-31)


Queensland State Championships (April 20-22)
New South Wales State Championships (July 7)
State of Origin (September 27)
World Cup (September 28)
Australian Championships (September 29 & 30)


SEQ Champions League (Winter 2017)
Queensland State Championships (May 6-7)
New South Wales State Championships (July 29)
State of Origin (Sep 29)
Australian Championships (Sep 30 – Oct 1)


New South Wales State Championships (July 10)
State of Origin (October 1)
Australian Championships (October 1 & 2)

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